Incorporation features for auditors to hit the ground running

Integration Manager

Integration Manager provides a way to integrate patient data into ReviewMate automatically. It has multiple options availabe such as Electronic Medical Record EMR ( E.g. Epic, Cernor) , HL7 interfaces, EDI 837 and Secure FTP sources.



Risk Manager

Risk Manager is an artificial intelligence module that translates previous audit findings and hundreds of industry standard coding practices to actual logic that detects and reports on potential issues in the data set that may result in identification of risks or opportunities related to reimbursement. Risk Manager learns from past audit findings to improve accuracy and provide insights to auditing teams. It creates a weighted algorithm that can link findings to other similar issues that may appear in a data set.

In addition, Risk Manager can flag accounts based on a predefined set of conditions. These flags can help determine CDI involvement, auditing needs or even a better way to sample and analyze your data.



Sample Selector & Randomizer

Integration Manager can automate audit creation and eliminates the manual process of importing data into ReviewMate from spreadsheets. Data can be mined with a preset library of rules, or rules can be created by the client. Flags in the data set can be used to pull accounts out of the data. These accounts can then be randomized, if needed, then placed into an audit. This can be accomplished manually or on a preset schedule.

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