Our core features

ReviewMate is a HIPAA-compliant SaaS model software platform that streamlines the medical coding audit process with a complete set of communication, management, collaborations, and reporting tools.

At a glance

Streamline Reviews

  • Upload coded data electronically or manually
  • Choose custom or randomized samples for auditing
  • Capture findings in a centralized web-based format
  • Analyze cases with edits and analysis tools
  • Organize and categorize findings using reason codes and citing source documents
  • Calculate reimbursement changes according to findings entered

Communicate Findings

  • Share findings with coders within software and/or email
  • Allow coders to respond in a user-friendly manner
  • Reconcile responses to assure all cases are addressed
  • Access findings 24/7

Simplify Reports

  • Choose from a variety of standard reports available
  • Create custom report templates
  • Calculate accuracy rates automatically on an aggregate level, for each element, and by coder
  • Analyze historical statistics by coder.
  • Customize reports based on your clients needs

Provide Accountability

  • Log in 24/7 to view accuracy rates and findings
  • Provide transparency by granting access to anyone in your organization
  • Reconcile coder responses easily and quickly
  • Track and oversee review progress
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